About Me


My name is Creg Antony and I’m a professional growth hacker – it's the best way to describe how I work with my clients. Growth hacking has been defined as "a process of rapid experimentation across marketing channels,  sales segments, and other areas of the business to identify the most efficient ways to grow a business."

Growth hacking is the optimal blend of logic and creativity. I use it with my clients to help them focus on their digital marketing needs. I find growth hacking to be an exceptionally useful took for helping them grow. Once I've accumulated and analyzed pertinent raw data, I help them solve their problems and achieve their goals. My clients hire me because I use minimal design to achieve maximum efficiency. 

As someone who has had a myriad of roles in different aspects of business, I've discovered that I'm most passionate about seeing a project through from start to finish. I've got a specialty in strategizing and collaborating with clients. It's what I love best, and do best.