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• 82,422 Google Clicks To Date
• 1400/mo Average Google Clicks
• 5400x Increase in Search Engine Traffic
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Frequently Asked Questions.

How soon can I book you for 90 Days?As soon as I have an availability.

How will we communicate during the process and how often will we communicate?
I’m here to make your life easier so I’m happy to work with what is already working for you and your business. Zoom, Hangouts, Cisco, FaceTime, Whatever you prefer.

You can expect frequent communication throughout the 90 days, daily meetings for the first 2 weeks then once we are confident we are on the right track, we enter the feedback and adjustment phase which involves twice-a-week check ins.

After the 90 days we create a new plan to evaluate what would be the best way for us to work together in the future.

Where should I put all this information for you?
I’ll create a shared Dropbox folder for you where you can pop all these goodies for me … or if you use Google Drive … we can make that work too … just let me know your preference.

Where do I get my hosting logins?
If your previous website developer set up your domain and hosting from you, you need to request this information from them. Otherwise, just pop over the login information for the sites where you purchased your domain and hosting and I will find the information I need. Don’t have a domain or hosting? I can sort this out for you if you want … just shout.

How are you so confident you can grow any website?
Through years of experiments and knowledge of best practices, I've been able produce moderate success with a predictable cadence. Check out my case studies

What do you need from me before we begin?
I need your brand information, logos, photos, copy and any design inspiration you can find. Remember, rather too much than too little! Don’t forget that you need a registered domain and hosting logins too. Of course, you need to book and pay a deposit as well.

Are there refunds?
I have designed this offer in a way that gives you my undivided attention for the project period. I don’t take on any other work while working on your website, and so your payment secures your slot in my calendar and gives me the freedom to turn down other work. No refunds are available from the time of booking. Additionally, no refunds are considered during or after the project period.