How I achieved a 3800% Increase in overall Search Traffic for a High End Metal shop in Brooklyn. 


Being the #1 Metal Shop in NYC today, it's hard to believe there was a time when Serett's dominance in the NYC Market was far from guaranteed and even in jeopardy. Serett's digital marketing suffered from an outdated, non-google compliant, website that catered to architects and home owners and failed to communicate expertise with them. Serett came to me to learn how they could overcome their unique challenges and dominate the market. The result was a mobile-first website and an impressive Content Marketing Strategy that established Serett as the go to Metal Fabrication shop in Brooklyn. Resulting in rapid market growth.



Serett Metalworks

Gowanus, Brooklyn, NY

Metal Fabrication

14 Employees

$5.2m Yearly Revenue

6 Month Project

The Challenge

When I was contacted by Josh, Owner of Serett, he was frustrated. His found that his website in his own words was "Ugly" and did not match the high end luxury brand image that they were trying to cultivate. They had a complicated navigation system, straight from the glory days of 2007 Adobe Flash, that turned off clients and was losing them bids. Even worse, earlier that year Google released its notorious algorithm change code-named "Mobilegeddon" which dealt harsh penalties to outdated websites that did not comply with Mobile Website Standards. They recieved a google penalty for not complying with mobile friendly standards and their SEO was impacted negatively, which prompted Josh to call me. He liked my portfolio and felt it met his current websites aesthetic. He also liked my intial SEO suggestions over the phone, so he booked a Road Mapping Session. 


Goals & Objectives

  • To Remove the Google Penalty by creating a mobile Friendly Website.

  • Create a beautiful, elegant, minimal website in Squarespace that would match the aesthetic of their high end fabrications.

  • Create a user friendly intuitive navigation system for their 100+ Project Portfolio.

  • Increase Traffic by ranking for Top performing keywords in Google Search.



As soon as Serett booked the Road Mapping Session I got to work. I'm able to get so much work done in the 1-2 hours that I'm sitting with the client because I do most of the research ahead of time. Using my favorite SEO tools, SEMrush and MOZ , I performed a Technical Site Audit which confirmed my intial impressions. The website was unresponsive and did not adjust to whatever device you were using to access the website. Meaning it could look great on a monitor and then like crap on cellphones. I also uncovered several other technical issues. The URL structure was unsemantic and sometimes named something entirely different than the content of the page. All the Meta Data for the pages were duplicates of the homepage. Improper Use of Heading Tags, not optimizing the pictures for site speed, the list goes on.  My Conclusion was that it would be quicker to build a new site in Squarespace than to fix the broken one, which was custom coded so they couldn't update it without the developer. 

After the technical Audit comes Keyword Research. When I'm decided which Keywords I want to rank for on Google I look for keywords using the same criteria. Popularity + Competitiveness + Relevance = Gold. Meaning I'm looking for keywords that have the highest number of searches per month, but also are not being competed for by bigger fish and most importantly highly relevant to the type of traffic we want to gain. These words tend to be long tail keywords or even phrases. So instead of ranking for a general term such as "Metal Fabrication" which gets over 3,000 hits a month but is saturated by 100s of websites competiting with one another. We look at the long tail keywords that have the intent we're looking for and a decent amount of search traffic. A good example of longtail keywords would be "Custom Metal Fabrication in Brooklyn, NY" which only gets 300 hits a month but only has 4 websites that compete for it making it much easier to land on the first page of google. It's also important to mention by adding "Brooklyn, NY" to the keyword phrase we increase our relevancy dramatically by being local.

My Final Bit of Research before we meet is the Competitive Analysis. Armed with my newfound keyword research I'm easily able to identify the competition. When it comes to out ranking the competition I have a certain philosophy, "we don't need to have the best marketing campaign possible we just need a campaign 10% percent better than your competitions last one". By studying the competition I'm able to identify which factors contribute the most to their success and incorporate those tactics into our campaign, but better. What I also find from doing the competitive analysis is that most owners, looking at who is ranking for what, are surprised to find out who think their competing with isn't actual who their competing with. I also discovered alot of the metal fabricators websites to be outdated as well and likely suffering from the same set of penalties as well. Simply by having a google compliant penalty free website, we have a huge advantage over outdated websites when ranking for our desired keywords. 

When I sat down with Josh to talk he was impressed with my knowledge of the metal fabrication industry despite the fact that I just learned what metal fabrication was just a couple days before. I recommended that we rebuild the website on on a different platform that way we can secure a more reliable server and future proof the website by moving to a popular Content Management System.  Primarily needing the website to act as a digital brochure displaying information, Squarespace was the perfect CMS Serett. A huge benefit to working in Squarespace is that you build 3 websites at the same time, a version for phones, tablets and desktops. All Squarespace websites meet mobile compliance standards, making them excellent starting points for SEO campaigns.

We came up with a system to navigate the portfolio. We would categorize each product with similar projects and display then in a grid, that way users could make sure that they were looking at a relevant project. We came up with a content creation strategy focused on doing indepth featured case studies for incoming projects and writing keyword focused articles to establish Serett as a thought leader and expert in their industry. 




The New Serett Website Homepage


New Navigation System


New Project Pages


Article Creation

Updated Product Photography by Yours Truly.




  • Removed the google penalty by replacing the old website with a mobile friendly website.

  • 3800% Increase in overall Search Traffic from 15 per month to 597 per month.

  • 409% Increase in Direct Traffic from 200 to 818 Per Month.

  • Decreased Bounce Rate from 70% to 40% Site wide while increasing time spent per page. 30 seconds - 3 minutes.

  • Increase in Search Engine Positioning for Selected keywords: